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League Results 18/09/09

As many of you know, we have started a new, fairer tournament this term, where each player plays each other player twice, once with white and once with black. To see the cross-table, go to the 09-10 Results page.

Here are the results from the first matches played:

Henry E 0 – 1 Ed A

Chris P 0 – 1 Ed A

Simon M 1 – 0 Henry E

Lennox K-D 0 – 1 Ben M


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Owing to a number of factors, no more games were recorded after 10/03/09. However, a grand total of 52 points were gained, giving an average score between the 21 competitors of 2.5 points. There were some flaws in this terms system: some players played far more games than others, and some played only ‘weaker’ players. For these reasons, in future terms we will use a different system, which I will outline after the results.

So, in this term’s league, the winner, with 11 points, was: Adam Cope

In second place, with 7 points: Nas Andriopoulos

And in joint third place: Ed Aspinal and Henry Entwhistle

Well done to everyone who took part. Next term myself and the other Y11s are on study leave, so the club will meet informally, just come along if you want a game. However, from the Autumn Term of next year, we will be implementing a round-robin style tournament, in which all players will play each other player once with each colour over the term. Hopefully this will give us a more accurate representation of where people are in the club. We will also definitely be arranging some fixtures.

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There were just a few games played in this week:

  • Ed A 1-0 Adam C
  • Bishan M 1-0 Ben M
  • Henry E 0.5-0.5 Bishan M
  • Henry E 1-0 Tim
  • James B 1-0 Chris I

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Here are the League results from national square root day (both the day and the month are the square root of the year).

  • Nas A 1-0 Ben M
  • Nas A 1-0 Ollie M
  • Nas A 1-0 Simon M
  • Adam C 2-0 Ben M
  • Adam C 1-0 Simon M
  • Bishan M 1-0 Matthew S
  • Henry E 1-0 Nas A
  • Ed A 0.5-0.5 Mark H
  • Ben M 1-0 Simon M
  • Angus I 1-0 Ed U

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Here are this week’s results:

  • Ed A 1-0 Tim G
  • Ed A 1-0 Tim G
  • Ed A 1-0 Mark H
  • Ed A 1-0 James B
  • Henry E 1-0 Will N
  • Mark H 1-0 Chris P
  • Bishan M 1-0 Simon M
  • Bishan M 1-0 Henry E
  • Adam C 0.5-0.5 Ben M
  • Adam C 1-0 James P
  • Alex W 1 – 0 Adam C
  • Simon M 1-0 Will N
  • Tim G 0.5-0.5 Chris P

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Week 3 Rated Game Results:

  • Ben M 1-0 Freddie K
  • Adam C 1-0 Chris P
  • Adam C 1-0 Chris P
  • Ollie M 1-0 Nas A
  • Henry E 1-0 Ben M

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Week 2 Rated Game Results:

  • Adam C 1-0 Ben M
  • Adam C 1-0 Nas A
  • Adam C 1-0 Freddie K
  • Henry E 1-0 Ben M
  • Henry E 1-0 Ollie M
  • Freddie K 1-0 Ben M
  • Freddie K 1-0 Ben M
  • Freddie K 1-0 Henry E
  • Nas 1-0 Ben M
  • Nas 1-0 Ollie M
  • Ollie M 1-0 Simon M
  • Simon M 1-0 Ben M

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